DEN VirtCon – PhotoPeach Challenge

DEN VirtCon is all about the tech and the treats.  So, here’s a challenge to see how easy it is to master the tech and potentially win a really nice treat.

Create a DEN-themed PhotoPeach and send the link to by Sunday, October 23, 2011 and have a chance to win a free PhotoPeach premium account and a brand new shiny flip cam.

What does DEN-themed mean?

Well, you can create a PhotoPeach about what the DEN means to you.  Or, you can create an informational PhotoPeach telling others what the DEN is all about.  Or, you can create a PhotoPeach to use in your classroom that is simply DEN-inspired.

Show us your best work and email your PhotoPeach to Porter ( by Sunday night for a chance to win.

Here’s a quick tutorial about using PhotoPeach to help you out:

Here are some images to help get you started.






































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