does accuracy matter?

i have been in online ed 4 many years. kids turn in work that looks like it came from their cell phones. may b it did! we tell them 2 use tech 4 school. now their assignments look like convos w/ friends. do we care? we no what they mean rite? i am old school n make them fix their errors but wonder if this will change over time. should we worry about caps, spelling, sentences, etc. if they r doin their work? kids have argued 4 bad spelling 4 years. we may no what they mean but i still say we teach the dif between pro writing n texting. it is part of what we have always done n still have 2 do: teach them to consider their audience.

My writing is my introduction to the world. It is now captured and published to the world wide web forever. Rather than take the easy way out and say, “You know what I meant,” I want to be able to say, “You know what I know.” Ya know? lol…


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  1. Kristina O'Connor said:

    While I agree with your ideas as an educator, I have to wonder about what kind of role model you are presenting. You say you want your students to use correct spelling and grammar, but your post looks like it came from a student’s cell phone. So, if your writing is your introduction to the world, how does this posting reflect upon who you are?

  2. Kristi Bush said:

    Thanks for your comments, Kristina. You caught my point exactly: it DOES matter how as well communicate, at least to some individuals. My post was intended to spark conversation, as it was written in the way that many students submit postings and assignments in the online world. They argue that spelling and wording shouldn’t matter, but we have the responsibility as educators to teach them otherwise. The light-hearted ending was simply meant to bring humor to the post. I had hoped that the carefully constructed sentences before that served as a sharp contrast to the introduction, which was deliberately written in text lingo. Again, thank you for your response.respondents

  3. Kristi Bush said:

    In an ironic twist, my “smart phone” corrected my typing for me in that reply! “…as well communicate” should say “how well we communicate.” Even smart phones don’t give us an edge! Isn’t that an interesting example of what we must both teach and learn?

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