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Very soon after I had just sent a message out to my Digital Storytelling students alerting them to a good sale on editing software for PC’s, I sat down next to Steve Dembo to hear a keynote speaker at Iowa’s edtech conference. Within minutes Steve showed me a free, web-based alternative to the late (temporarily, I hope), great It’s called WeVideo and they have even added a YouTube component ( With just a minimal experiment of my own to speak from, I have to say that it’s an easy, more powerful alternative for those PC users of the two versions of Movie Maker. It doesn’t have the green screen capability of JayCut (as of this writing at least) and it does depend on your Internet connection, but the price and the creativity it gives you far outweigh those minor “inconveniences.” Sign up now and take advantage of the larger, free accounts that they are offering during this introductory period.

And don’t forget Discovery’s Virtual Conference tomorrow morning to get some great ideas for your new found video editing capability. Sessions begin on the hour from 9 AM to 3 PM EDT.


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  1. Dean Mantz said:

    Thanks for this reflection. I signed-up last week but yet to test it out. I will test it out with my college students starting next week.

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  4. Team WeVideo said:

    Greetings all,

    We are excited to be able to bring our platform to the education market here in the US. (our roots are…hundreds of thousands of k-12 students in Scandinavia using the platform) We also support full integration in our Enterprise edition in addition to what you see on the website. Feel free join our community, ask questions and dive in!!


    Team WeVideo

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