Web Surfing

      So, what have I been finding in my web surfing?   Here are a few of the “waves”:

      > Weblist.me — add web links, files, videos and more to your own lists or browse the lists saved in various catagories

     > twiducate.com — “social networking for schools”

     >  plus.google.com  — keep up with the latest additionsto this project, including subscribing to Google calendars, new games and connecting to You Tube account

> Tikatok.com — create and share books online, connect with a Nook Color apps

>http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/nook-apps/379002908/ — speaking of Nook Color apps, check out the almost 900 apps available for this “Reader’s Tablet”

A couple of familiar favorites (for me at least) that bear mentioning for any who haven’t discovered them yet:

> http://www.k12tlc.net/   —  K12 Teaching and Learning Center —  lots of items to explore for educators and their students, including almanac, calendar of special days, and web lists of sites chosen for particular subjects

> http://www.visualthesaurus.com/ — for those who love words, includes features for ESL students