Great Cybersafety Presentation at Tech or Treat!

Georgia Cybersafety Initiative

Georgia Cybersafety InitiativeWe had a wonderful time at Tech or Treat today! One of the highlights was an informative GBI presentation on the The Georgia Cybersafety Initiative. For more information on this program, and to view the training webinar Cybersafety in the Age of Cyberbullying, visit the link from GPB below. The Georgia Cybersafety Initiative:

Here are some additional resources and curriculum materials for teachers to use to teach cybersafety to students. I have used the CyberSmart! and Netsmartz Teen Curriculums with my middle school students, and the e-learning for kids Internet Safety Course with 5th grade students. They all provide great lesson plans, resources, Internet contracts, and certificates of completion. The Netsmartz curriculum also provides licenses for kids to show that they have mastered the cyber safety curriculum. Each curriculum is divided into grade levels with materials appropriate for students from grades K-12 that cover a variety of cyber safety concepts from avoiding computer viruses to cyberbullying and netiquette. I require my students to complete these lessons after receiving Internet use permission slips from parents, and before they are allowed to use the Internet in my classroom during the first week of school. I also send information and resources home to parents on Internet safety, which is included in each of these curriculum programs.

To access this course, scroll down the courses for kids page to the bottom and look under the tab “Computer Skills Courses”.




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  1. David Chiles said:

    Thanks for sharing great resources for netiquette. Every educator should be required to know their netiquette, but resources are limited and netiquette is new. I think it should be a subject in school.

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