Monstrously Good Mash-ups

DEN Guru Traci Blazosky kicked off the Tech or Treat DEN Virtual Conference on Saturday by stirring up a cauldron of tools to create mashups…not the “Monster Mash”-up she shared at the beginning of her session, but a concoction of monstrously great tools to engage students in the learning process and help them create their own digital mashups.

She first led us to the definition of “mashup” – a new creation combining several products. As an example she shared this dolphin mashup created at DENSI 2011 that incorporated Voki, a paper slideshow, a voiced-over Discovery Streaming video, and Blabberize.

Traci’s cauldron of mashup tools includes Audacity, Animoto, Wordle, Blabberize, Voki,  Paper Slideshows, Windows Moviemaker, CamStudio, digital cameras, voice recording tools, and of course, Discovery Streaming videos, images, articles, poems, and audio files. For Traci, as for most of us, Discovery Streaming resources are tops in her list of go-to tools.
When it comes to developing a project, according to Traci, either you create FOR students or students create for YOU. One site she shared for gathering resources into one place and making them available for student use during the course of a project is, where any type of file can be stored for 90 days and shared via web browser. Use Traci’s link to access resources used for her “Batty Mashup”. She emphasized the value of poem and song resources from DE Streaming to develop themed content and also reading fluency.

You can find more of Traci’s resources and presentation clips on her wikispace.  And don’t forget to check out the DEN’s YouTube channel for the archives of this and all the other Tech or Treat sessions in a few days.

Thanks, Traci, for stirring up a tasty brew of tech tools that our students are sure to enjoy!



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