Shining STARs Webinar Series with Our DENmazing Gurus

We have a great group of DEN Gurus, and just had to ask them to share with the community on a regular basis.

Join us for the first in the Shining STARs Webinar Series with Our DENmazing Gurus The World is Your Audience featuring Tim Childers. On November 1st at 6pm ET, discover easy ways to create quick and informative screencasts and share them online. Both you and your students can create content that can literally teach the world.

Join us for this great event as well as the rest of the series.
Tuesday 11/1/2011  Tim Childers
Tuesday 12/6/2011  Traci Blazosky
Tuesday 1/3/2012  Lee Kolbert
Tuesday 2/7/2012  Rita Mortenson
Tuesday 3/6/2012  Dean Mantz
Tuesday 4/3/2012  Cheryl Lykowski

Register HERE.



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  1. Michael said:

    You should check out the ability to do automated webinars these days.

    It lets you complete automate the webinar process, and have the whole thing done on autopilot.

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