Tech or Treat: It was all about sharing Treats!

Tech or Treats' Shining Stars!

There were many treats, but no mean tricks to be had at last weekends “Discovery Education Virtual Conference, Tech or Treat”. After we listened to all of the incredible webinars provided by Discovery, we chose to have our own mini share session.

Marie shared videos she created with students in a summer program. The school had 1 ipad and 1 laptop. Marie had her android phone. Over the course of the summer her students learned how to take pictures using the android and ipad, they figured out how to edit the photos and added video clips. The outcome was two student created movies. It is amazing what 5th grade students can accomplish when given access to the proper tools and an imaginative teacher!

Our very own Lori Abrahams shared her wonderful internet safety wiki and how she uses DE assignment builder to channel resources to her staff.

Anne Truger shared her wiki as well which also has a huge amount of resources for you to explore and she reminded us of the plethora of FREE resources located on the Discovery Education site even without logging in. She also shared her somewhat bi-weekly podcast called EdCeptional. EdCeptional is part of the EdReach Media Network and looks at technology through the lens of special education. You can find the podcast here or search for it on iTunes.

Kathy shared the a great site that sponsors monthly writing projects. Its free to set up an account and there are projects year round. Its a wonderful to start sharing student writing with an outside audience while still being safer than out in cyberspace unprotected.

The incredible Steve Dembo also joined us and shared a site called This site literally allows you to draw a stick man and animate him! A winner with Steve’s son : )

All in all we had a fabulous time and we hope you will join us at our next event on November 19th from 8 – 10 (Apple Store) Photowalk time vary.

Naperville Apples with Apps  – A Morning Event 
You will have a chance to share and hear from other educators as to how they are using the iPad in the classroom. In addition, you will also learn about Discovery Education’s ground-breaking iPad web app, which focuses on student exploration of safe and appropriate educational content.  A light breakfast will be served. Bring your own iPad or use one of Apple store loaners.

Following the event at the Apple store take a photo walk/safari with Joe Brennan. Joe will teach us about digital photography and storytelling.  Be sure to bring your digital camera! (This bonus is optional and weather pending)

This event has a limit of 40 and we are already filling up! Sign up today!!
We look forward to seeing many of you soon!
Your Illinois Leadership Council


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