Getting started with the STUDENT CENTER

What is the student center? It’s a great way for students to complete task (assignments, quizzes, watch videos, etc) assigned by their teacher and conduct research.

Students can access the student center by logging in at Discovery Education with a username and password, created for the student by a teacher or administrator.


1. Customize!

Choose the background theme you’d like to see when you log on to the Student Center. What’s appealing to your eye? The Solar System? Wood Grain? Desert Sand?

Feeling different today, switch it up!

Students can also choose the text size and how they want to view their assignments – List OR Calendar.

2.   Favorites!

There is a lot of cool, interesting and fun content on the Discovery Education website. When you find something you like or may need to refer back to for – say a project- you can add it to “My Favorites” to access it quickly the next time!

3.  Assignments

View, complete, and keep track of tasks assigned by your teacher.

Get readySetGOOOO!!!

Get started with your STUDENT CENTER today!


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