The MassCue conference is behind us once again!  I think it rains every year!!  Gillette Stadium is a great setting for the conference and I even got to say hello to Robert Kraft!  It was amazing what the elevator people were going through to see what elevator he would take and how they would have it ready for him!  Besides all that excitement there was a conference going on too!  Myself and Marybeth O’Brien presented 21 ways to use DE in the classroom. It went well, Marybeth O’Brien is a fabulous presenter and educator and really informed and entertained the audience!  I was able to be there both days and was very happy to be able to see many great presentations. I was happy to see student presenters this year!  The Students I saw were from Winchester. They were fabulous!  Their teacher was with them and also presented at the breakout.  Lots of great ideas!! Thanks for another great conference MassCue!


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