Fun Tech Tools For the History Classroom

There are several great Web 2.0 tools that I just have to share with history teachers.


I have used for several years, and have created blog posts about this resource before. These tools have many great features to enhance learning in all subjects. Some of my favorite tools are the flash game generators, Post-It Notes interactive, and some features that have been recently added to the site,which are the Fakebook tool that allows students to use their knowledge of historical figures to create a fake Facebook style page for them, and Twister, that allows students to use their knowledge to create fake Twitter style posts. I also like the QR Code Treasure Hunt. View the 90 second video on the Fakebook tool to see how quickly students can create amazing Facebook style profiles of characters from novels and historical figures. DE content can be used for the images and backgrounds in these tools. My students enjoyed the flash games that I created as the assessment for an online civil rights course. I plan to have students create flash games to use as review items and assessments in the future.


Click here for full screen version



Create interactive activities using historical documents from the National Archives with DocsTeach.




Let your class make history with history pin. Students can take historical knowledge and add to the history pin maps to share their knowledge with the world.


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