And the MVPs are…

Congratulations to our Discovery Educator Network Back-to-School MVPs! These educators racked up the most points in the Back-to-School Membership Season challenge. They scored points by:

Being a Team Player: Attending a Back to School webinar for 1 point.
2 Point Conversion: Passing along 2 different ways to differentiate classroom instruction using a single media asset for 2 points.
Kicking a Field Goal: Using “My Content” to build an upcoming unit for 3 points.
Making a 50-yard Pass: 4 points for being a current STAR or becoming a new STAR.
Calling a Huddle: 5 points for hosting an event.
Touchdown: 6 points for recruiting a new STAR Discovery Educator onto the DEN team.

The winner from each state and province scored a limited edition, DEN 2011 MVP jersey.  Please leave a comment below and congratulate our MVPs!

AL – Carolyn Rains
AK – Amy Frackman
AZ – Alexa Flores-Hull
AR – Karen Wells
CA – Nancy Porter
CO – Shannon Wentworth
CT – Carolyn Stanley
FL – Janet Hallstrom
GA – Monique Liles
HI – Iwalani Harris
IL – Jana Viano
IA – Todd Boender
KS – Doug Mann
KY – Allen Martin
LA – Susan Gauthier
ME – Mauri Dufour
MD – Carmella Doty
MA – Mary Anne Jezierski
MI – Emma Haygood
MO – Vickie Lamb
MT – Everett Holm
NY – Jeannine Shields
NC – Conni Mulligan
OH – Molly Hay
PA – Nicole Bitar
SC – Leslie Bussey
TN – Karla Halcomb
TX – Sylvia Basaldu
VA – Eileen Malick
WA – Desiree Hall
WV – Brian Bauer
WI – Rita Mortenson
SK – Sarah Thompson


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  1. Kim said:

    Congrats DEN MVP’s! A special congratulations is in order for our star-Carmella Doty!

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