A Vacuum, A War Vehicle, A Curiosity! Intel Makes Connections about Robots with Students!

What does a vacuum cleaner and war vehicle have in common?  If you ask Dr Chris Geyer, he’d probably say iRobot. Whether cleaning up our homes or helping fight today’s battles, these little unmanned vehicles have captured the eyes and minds of millions.

Are you curious about the role robots play in our world today? Curiosity in the Classroom, a partnership between Discovery Education and Intel, is thrilled to present a classroom webinar hosted by Dr. Chris Geyer, a Senior Lead Research Specialist at iRobot with 10 years of experience in developing robotics technology.  Join us as he  shares about the fascinating field of robotics and his work on perception and automation for unmanned ground and aerial vehicles. Find out what first sparked his own curiosity in robotics, what inspired him to pursue this career and how 9/11 has shaped his own research on this exclusive webinar for students and teachers.

Thursday, November 3rd at 1pm EST
Register today to participate and be eligible to win a digital camera


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