Virtual Museum Exhibits with Discovery Streaming, Qwiki, Wikimedia, and Glogster


View Canada Glog

When my daughter was tasked with creating a virtual museum exhibit about Canada, I immediately seized upon the opportunity to introduce her to GlogsterEDU, her Discovery Student account, Qwiki, and Wikimedia commons. She completed her virtual museum exhibit organizer on Canada using pictures of landforms and an interactive population map from Wikimedia images. I through in a brief lesson on copyright and avoiding plagiarism. When she finished, she took her images and links from the organizer, created a Glog, and added a Discovery video about Canada,  earning an A on her project. It was very simple to teach her to create her Glog using the materials and classwork that she had already completed. The glog was the icing on the cake, and it only took about 20 minutes for her to create her first Glog, including video upload time, and a lesson on copyright and creative commons.


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