Developing an Awareness for Natural Resources

“Going Green” is about preserving our natural resources for a better quality of life now and for the future.  The Discovery Education Science Techbook provides many great lessons to help students to understand our relationship with the environment. In the virtual lab Wow! Windmills, students investigate how the design and location of a windmill can help save their school money on electricity. The How Big is Your Footprint?  virtual lab gives students the opportunity to compare various sources of energy.  They are able to analyze the cost of each resource along with examining the impact on the environment.  These are just a few resources in the techbook for teachers to incorporate ‘green’ lessons. What other ‘green’ lesson resources have you located?

Student knowledge and awareness is a start towards better care of the world around us. There are many simple ideas and ways for all us to participate in Going Green to preserve our environment, such as using less paper when teaching a lesson or opting for more natural lighting during the day.  In what ways can you conserve energy in your classroom? Have students find ways and come up with ideas for saving energy around the school and at home.

Visit for more great ideas on ‘how and why’ to Go Green.