Catching Up or Leading the Way?

I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Yong Zhao speak two summers ago at the MA New Literacies Symposium and again at the MassCUE Conference on October 27th.  I think you will be encouraged by this Asian educator’s perspective on the American education system, especially during this data driven environment.  His views on what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong in this age of globalization is refreshing, at least in my opinion.  “Race to the Top”, “No Child Left Behind”, Common Core Curriculum, National Standards… are all topics he deals with in his book and keynote speeches.

Click HERE to hear Zhao summarize the key ideas in his book “Catching Up or Leading the Way?” as posted on ASCD Publications.  Be sure to play all of the video segments.  To listen to any of his full keynotes, you can certainly find him on YouTube.  The keynotes will have much more ‘personality’ than this ‘book sell’ but the message is still the same. 

Meet Yong Zhao 🙂


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  1. Deb Thonus said:

    Thank you for this post. I heard his keynote at MassCUE, also! Dr. Zhao’s message needs to reach the educational community before we destroy the best aspects of our educational system.

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