She Changed the World… You Can Too with Siemen’s WCCTWC!

Do you and your students love a challenge?!?  Here’s two for you…

1) Read and see if you can figure out who is the world changer described below.  Post your guess in the comment section.  We’ll send a gift to the first person to get it right.
2) What does WCCTWC mean?  Find out the answer at the end of the post.

This blog post brought to you by Renuka Ramchandran a student and member of Discovery Education’s Student Advisory Board from Ferguson High School in Miami-Dade County Schools.  Stay tuned for more posts by Discovery’s student leaders!

The first step to making an impact on the world is observing and noticing issues around us that we feel need a bit of change for the better.  We know this from learning about people who saw similar issues and decided they needed to do something about them. In fact, you might be able to identify this motivated individual:

How fast can you figure it out?

  • This person grew up in farmhouse in Pennsylvania.
  • This individual got her degree in zoology at Johns Hopkins University.

Do you know who it is? Maybe a couple more clues will help.

  • Her passion for nature can be seen in her careers in writing and in marine biology.
  • She was Editor-in-Chief of all publications for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

You’re getting closer!

  • She often turned her research into lyrical prose, especially in many of her articles!
  • This writer/scientist wrote articles that taught people the beauty and nature of the living world, such as “Our Ever-Changing Shore”.

You know it now, don’t you?

  • As an ecologist, she warned the public about the long term effects of misusing pesticides.
  • She testified in front of Congress and called for new policies to protect human health and environment.
  • She wrote many articles, pamphlets, and books on conservation and natural resources. When she saw an issue such as the misuse of pesticides, she wasn’t afraid to speak up and let the public know what needed to be changed.
  • Even now, she inspires us to protect the living world and to be kind to the environment around us. However, more importantly, she has taught us through her own actions that we should always stand and speak up for what we believe in and be strong when facing any obstacle!

Okay, let’s see if you figured it out!  Post to the comment section now your guess on this world changer.  Let us know if you have been impacted by her discoveries as well.  We’ll send a prize to the first person to post the correct name.

The future is ours to shape. How will you and your students change the world?

More about the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge:

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge, WCCTWC, the nation’s premier sustainability competition that gives students the inspiration and free tools to make a difference. Using the fundamental of project-based scientific inquiry, K-12 students are given the tools to identify an ecological problem, research it and determine how their green solution can be replicated by other communities that face similar challenges.  Join us to learn about how to get actively involved, make a difference, and possibly even win a prize package as more than $300,000 in prizes including scholarships, savings bonds, once-in-a-lifetime adventure trips, assemblies with Discovery Channel personalities and much more are at stake. Register here for our webinar on November 9th at 7pm EST to learn more.  To begin researching now go



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  1. Jannita Demian said:

    Thanks Carolyn! Rachel Carson is correct! A real world changer! Were you able to register for the webinar?

    • Carolyn Stanley said:

      Yes! I went to another page on the site, and finally registered successfully. I got in and listened to the presentation. I am hoping to get a couple of the science teachers at my school interested in advertising this contest to their students. Hopefully, we’ll have at least one entry.

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