Calling for the Stressbusters….

Who us?  Dealing with stress?  Well, maybe, just a bit……   

I have commented to some folks that I had given up trying to catch up with my to-do list; I am now going for less behind than previously.   If you ever feel like that, here are a few tech tools I use to help:

  • Last Pass — — keep passwords and form info all organized and available online in this online – desktop connection software.  One password unlocks the rest so only one password to remember.
  • Stickies — — sticky notes for your computer desktop — bring up a new one, type in whatever info you need to note.
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro X — (check for educational pricing options) — have forms that you use a lot?  Make them interactive easily with Acrobat Pro form options
  • Fine Print — — save paper when printing with this handy utility ; more options available for handling print items also
  • Evernote — — online notetaking means never having to figure out where those papers went again; options for syncing on moble devices including android based and ipad
  • CCleaner — — easy cleanup of your computer, plus other tools; actually I find this one cathartic in more than one way

And then there’s my favorite stress buster:   ;-D

What great tech tools can you suggest for busting up those stressful moments?


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