STEMtastic ways to integrate DEN streaming

Have you taken advantage of Discovery Education  Streaming? There is such a vast amount of resources ready for you to tap into – but who has the TIME?

Well, I have taken advantage of Discovery Education Streaming while empowering my students to become stronger 21st Century Learners.  Students are offered the opportunity to research the Streaming to find STEM applications of the mathematical learning objectives, researching applications in science, engineering as well as the arts.

During a learning sequence, students are encouraged to post their streaming findings, with a rationale why the video or other resource is valuable relative to the learning target and how it demonstrates STEM.  Students are limited to segments that would sum up to less than 10 minutes, to avoid posting of lengthy segments that may lack focus to the learning target. The ten minute maximum also ensures the ability for me to incorporate their findings as part of the lesson. Students will have to hone their research and analysis skills to be rewarded for their learning.

My students are excited to research Discovery Education Streaming, and feel that they are playing a more active role in their educational experience. Students are actually quite competitive as to who can find the best quality  application among themselves!

Assessment Points are awarded for the first 5 quality posts to our  class edmodo group with appropriate summary and rationale relative to the current learning target.

Then, because they are posted to edmodo, I am able to organize the links in my library, and be ready to embed streaming more effectively next year!

I’m using my streaming with my students more than ever before and I woll be all ready to use it even more effectively next year!


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