Collective Brain – Powering Up Conference

What a fantastic district-level conference in Prince George’s County, MD yesterday! It was a beautiful fall day with football in the air, but over a 1,000 educators still spent the day learning from each other at the Powering Up conference.

As promised, here is the revised version of our Collective Brain session. Thanks to everyone who attended!



  1. Donna Fowler said:

    I enjoyed your session very much Saturday. I clicked on revised version of our collective Brian seesion and I can not open it. I am a newbie. Can you tell me what I should open this in.

  2. Dr. Susie Long said:

    I am unable to open the link. Are there specific specifications or a program that is needed to open the revised version of our Collective Brain session.

  3. Tanya Adeseun said:

    This was really difficult to access. There were four teacher from our private school and none of us could find the link and until today I stumble across it. I have search this site all week. I enjoyed the session and was looking forward to sharing with my peers and students.

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