The new look of the AZ DEN – we’ve still got it!

I’m copy/pasting notes from our fearless leader Emily. Maybe you missed this meeting, too? A big thanks to Lillian, Laura, and Alison for thinking of using AzTEA access for our local webinars!

These recent months have been rather adrift as we tried to figure our our role, but we are back and ready to bond.  We will be reaching out to districts/sites that are continuing to use Discovery so they can maximize it, but for those who are not, we will still be promoting Virtual Conferences & Stream-a-thons & other free educator-benefitting resources available.  An important point that came up, is that DEN is not about the “stuff,” it is about the community and what we learn from each other.  We want to keep that happening and to keep bringing our minds together.  Please join us for our webinars and next meetings to share in the think tank.

I’ll try and post a schedule here soon, but you can also check at

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  1. Emily Mann said:

    Peer Solutions with Arizona DEN Leadership Council
    January 30, 2012, 6pm

    What do you do when you have developed the perfect lesson incorporating technology in an engaging, authentic, and creative way…and then it doesn’t work out? Come join Arizona Discovery Educator Network Leadership Council and AzTEA members for a conversation about challenges, successes, management, and backup plans for this free webinar.

    Register at (AzTEA Calendar) and please add to the conversation by completing this form

    The Arizona DEN (Discovery Educator Network) is still thriving as a professional community learning and working together to improve instruction and conversation around classroom practice. Though Discovery resources are no longer available to Arizona Educators through IDEAL, the professional development opportunities and connections the DEN has always provided are still free to STARs and all educators. Find current and archived webinars, community resources and more at

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