AirSketch – project a drawing on your iPad to your SmartBoard or White board from any location in your classroom

On Saturday, November 5, 2011, I had the distinct pleasure to attend the Westchester Day of Discovery in White Plains, New York. I blogged about it in a previous post, but I wanted to share how I implemented an iPad app that I had learned about from Hall Davidson. I actually posted this in my Posterous blog at, but I decided to repost it here. If you check out my Posterous blog, you’ll see some photos and posts sent directly from the conferences in Westchester and previously in Meriden, CT. Posterous is great for capturing the moment for “posterity.”
However, this post is about AirSketchFree from Grayson. Download the free version of AirSketch. When you open the app, you’ll see a small icon signifying the wireless connection in the lower left hand corner. Click on the icon, and you’ll get a server address. Type that address into your HTML5 enabled browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), hit enter, and your computer (connected to your projection device) goes to a website and displays a drawing canvas. (Caution-does not work with Internet Explorer.) Once the canvas appears, you can go anywhere in the room and  what you draw on your iPad shows up on the board you are projecting to. There may be a little lag time, but it’s neat. You could walk around the room and have different students participate in a brainstorming session. It’s nothing that couldn’t be done having kids come up to the white board or SmartBoard, but they get to use the iPad (assuming only the teacher has one), and there is a coolness factor. The free version is very limited. When you fill the canvas, you have to erase it all and start over.  I looked at the description of the paid version (approx. $10.00) , and that gives you a lot more features. However, if you want to be able to circulate among the students and put info on the screen, it’s cool.
Here is a screenshot of the Smart Board in my classroom: