Kangaroos, Koalas, and Kids

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I am spending time thinking about the moments in my life for which I am most thankful.  I cannot express enough gratitude to Discovery Student Adventures  for allowing me to take a trip to Australia with 3 DEN Stars (Jennifer Jensen, CarolAnne McGuire, and Ken Shelton) and 12 of their students.

I had always dreamed of swimming the Great Barrier Reef. I never imagined doing it on a private island with a team of researchers who handed over underwater paper, pencils, and meter tapes and asked us to go investigate the health of the coral and report back.

I was always curious about the way people live in other countries.  I never imagined eating a traditional pastry breakfast in the home of an Australian banana farmer.

I have always been fascinated by wallabies and kangaroos.  I never imagined being able to come eye to eye with several of these amazing animals and actually have the opportunity to lay down in a paddock with a mom and her joey.

I had always wondered if the magical photos of Ayers Rock were enhanced.  I never imagined watching the sunrise over what I now refer to as Uluru and feeling an amazing calm sweep over my body.

Want to go and experience things far beyond your imagination?!?  You simply must check out Discovery Student Adventures, where you can travel the world with your students and transform their perception of what you’ve studied in books.  Imagine studying conservation by watching polar bears from your Zodiac craft in the Arctic, learning kung fu in China from the masters, showing your students the Mona Lisa at the Louvre, or teaching marine biology as you swim with the infamous great white sharks in South Africa.

Interested in finding out what the students thought about their adventures to Australia, South Africa, and China?  Check out their great student projects that incorporate Google Earth.  Launch the files and fly from location to location, reading their journals, seeing their photos, and hearing their interviews with each other and a variety of guides and researchers on the trips.

Here’s an Animoto that was created using our theme song from the trip.  I dare you not to sing along!  Let us know which image is your favorite.

Explore your world, pack  your curiosity and go!  Check out Discovery Student Adventures and share with us which destination sounds most appealing to you.  Have you taken one of these behind the scenes trips?  Share with us your favorite part.



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