Hey Mom and Dad, What’s For Dinner?

I am sure at this time of the day, this phrase is being echoed through the homes of  thousands of kids.  Parents are in a dilemma… with a shortage of time and money, how does one make dinner (or any meal) healthy and something they will actually eat? Discovery Education and the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, through their partnership program Energy Balance 101, recently hosted a webinar Tackling Childhood Obesity One Meal at a Time  to address these important issues.  Here are some interesting facts, I learned.

According to the State of Family Nutrition Report: Are We Making Progress (2011) children named their parents as their #1 role model. In fact, 70% of kids said they would eat healthier if their parents did.  YIKES! No pressure parents…. but what exactly is on your plate? When you look at your plate is it reflective of what you would want your kids to be eating (or drinking!)

Good news is that since 2003, there has been a significant increase in families eating meals together.  Kid’s families who eat 3 or more meals together at home a week is 12% less likely to be overweight and 24% more likely to eat fruits and vegetables.

One alarming statistic shared is 40-60% of children skip breakfast.  I remember bringing apples, peanut butter and even making pancakes for my students. Many schools are combating this problem by providing breakfast for students.  Now that my 3 year old is in preschool, I have become quite creative with preparing quick and healthy food choices for the morning.

Let’s help each other!  What are some creative ways you are shaking up the breakfast/lunch/dinner table at your house?  Share a quick and easy meal that your family enjoys!  How are you helping your students and their families obtain ideas for healthy meal options?

Remember, the goal is “Energy Balance”… what we put in, we must work out… Check out the great resources from Energy Balance 101 for more inspiration!


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