JellyCam: Deep Learning through Fun Publishing

Must also download Free Adobe Air

JellyCam With your students to make a fun easy 21st Century production! After fumbling around with moviemaker, taking loads of pictures, importing, organizing and time-editing, I finally completed my stop-action attempt one hour later… then my new friend and Mentor DENnis Grice  from California, shared this amazing free web tool with me,  (Thanks to DENSI).

I was so impressed by its ease, speed and versatility, that I wanted to share it with you!

JellyCam is a free web download to use, simplifying the process of stop action video through your built in webcam, IPEVO or other camera, ( though the flip camera would probably not work so well here). Simply take pictures as fast as you want by hitting your spacebar, or set the time and you can take pictures automatically.

JellyCam allows you to save or edit/ duplicate or delete any pictures within the set, as well as export these pictures into a movie format of your choice.

My Students were able to create a stop-action demonstration of STEM concepts that otherwise would have been impossible! For example, Demonstrating thought stop-action cartooning, how pressure and volume are related, or how Photosynthesis works.  Students drew pictures/ made models showing the process they wanted to demonstrate.  Because of  creating this slow motion representation, Students were analyzing these processes far more in-depth than if they were just giving a speech in class and they thought it was FUN!

I Did a STEM institute with 34 8th grade girls who all were able to get their hands in this – we only had 15 minutes to make this Jellycam film – and every student was involved. This is a great way to publish and see all your students playing a role!( See their work)

What is more motivating, is that the movie development can be done in Less than 10 minutes!! If students save these movies in .flv, they can easily upload their movie, embedding it into Prezi. Here is an example of what my students made to embellish their STEM project, uploading it to their Prezi:

Pressure & Volume

Take JellyCam and Mash it!

Insert an audio to go with the cartoon through moviemaker or iMovie.

Use JellyCam,taking Pictures against a green screen, (See an example). Then use chromoKey movie editing to take your stop action movie anywhere, from the field  or sky view you film with an iPad, to all the Discovery streaming locations you can find!





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