What Do You Find Pinteresting?

by Suzy Brooks

This fall has been spent in a state of inspiration as I wander the pages and pages of resources available on Pinterest.com.  Have you?  Are you using Pinterest for teaching?  While it is tempting to spend time finding pins relating to ALL areas of my life, I’ve tried my best to find those relating to my love of all things Teaching.

Pinterest, according to the website (http://pinterest.com/about/), is a place where one can organize all things interesting, and connect with others  (for FREE!) who share similar passions.  It wasn’t too long ago we noticed an Education category appear on the site – and it has been TRUE LOVE ever since. Looking for ideas surrounding Organization? Classroom Design? Teaching Posters? Literacy Activities? Thematic Inspiration? Website Resources?       Pinterest delivers  –  –  – and then some!!  Whether you follow individual pinners – or collaborative boards, you will leave Pinterest with an idea to use in your classroom, starting tomorrow.

What I have discovered to be the most rewarding experience surrounding Pinterest, is the fact that Give and Take balance each other so nicely.  I find countless resources and strategies every time I visit.  Similarly, I do my best to offer up my own suggestions to other pinners.  It is both exciting and rewarding to see my pins travel through the Pinterverse — one “repin” at a time….

So, request an invite (yes, you need to be invited to join Pinterest) and then start pinning!  See you on the boards!!


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  1. Robin Talkowski said:

    Thanks for the information. I just spent a half hour looking at what others had pinned. Can’t wait until I get my invite!

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