A Great Tool on Sale

If you have not seen the Livescribe Eco Smart Pen, you have to at least read about it. I was introduced to it during the summer and it has become one of the most used tools in my classroom. This pen records every stroke you make while writing and anything you hear and say and it links the sound to your notes so you can re-play them immediately.  Once you sync the pen to your computer it is very easy to share those notes and audio as a pen cast through Evernote®, Facebook, MyLivescribe, your mobile device, they have an App on the App Store,  or your computer using the included Livescribe Connect™ Basic software. I use my pen with my ELL students, and specially with my SpEd kids. It allows me to record directions, lessons, and student work and make it available to my students so they can go back and review what was presented in class. I also use it to provide accommodations during testing by recording myself reading the questions and answers so that my students can re-lay them when taking the test.

Livescribe is having a great sale right now and you could get a free one-year subscription to Evernote® Premium to go with it. So head on over to www.Livescribe.com and see if this is something you could use in your classroom.


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