More free classroom guides for educators from Edutopia

by David Andrade,


Edutopiathe George Lucas Educational Foundation, is an excellent resource for educators. Their site has a huge variety of resources, tips, and research on education and is accessible for free. They are a big proponent of Project Based Learning and also have a lot of resources on best practices in education. 

They have a page with Free Classroom Guides and Downloads for 2011 that contains  excellent guides in PDF format. There are also additional, related resources linked from this page. 

posted about this page last June. Since then, they have added some new resources. 

The new guides are: 

Six Tips for Brain-Based Learning
By understanding how the brain works, educators are better equipped to help K-12 students with everything from focusing attention to increasing retention

Ten Tips for Classroom Management
Learn how to improve student engagement and build a positive climate for learning and discipline for grades K-12.

Think Green Guide
This practical guide, filled with inspiring earth-friendly learning projects and classroom-tested resources, will help your school go green.

Edutopia also has great blogs with some excellent articles written by educators. 

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