Blogging Around the Christmas Tree

by Christine Cote


After spending the long weekend cooking and shopping, I was eager to settle down and get into a good book. However, in today’s digital age, I found myself catching up on some interesting blog sites.  Blogs are such a fascinating way to share a message or information. They are so easy to create and can be used for a variety of age levels. But, the most interesting characteristic of blogging is the infinite number of topics that can be found.

Here are a few of my new favorites that I have come across:

The Innovative Educator by Lisa Nielsen is an award winning blog that offers topics that are current and informative. Lisa writes articles and speaks to audiences about her views on global learning and being innovative which is described as “Passion (not data) Driven Learning,” “Thinking Outside the Ban” to harness the power of technology for learning, and using the power of social media to provide a voice to educators and students. “ If you would like to visit her site, it is

Another blog that I enjoy is The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness by Michael Zimmer. His site offers links to eBooks and resources for multiple academic content areas. He also posts articles keeping us informed on the latest technology trends. In addition, Zimmer’s site introduces new Web 2.0 tools to apply in the classroom. This is another site that demonstrates the true community of sharing that our profession enjoys.

One more blog that is full of enriching content is Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Byrne. This is another award winning blog that is a library of technology integration tools and tips. This website shares tutorials and lesson plans for a variety of topics. Richard Byrne also offers eBooks sharing more insights into his technology successes.

These are just three of some of the amazing blogs that inspire, motivate, and educate. How fortunate we are to have colleagues share their advice, tips, and tools to help us all build on and/or learn new skills. If you are still looking for more blog treasures, check out The Nerdy Teacher, or Educational Technology Guy, . And of course, keep checking out our blogs here at the Discovery Education

Network!! Merry Blogging.


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