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Hooray for Edmodo!

I am always impressed with the generosity of fellow educators when it comes to sharing their best practices and resources.  Just visit a few of the vast number of teacher websites on the Internet to see the great ideas found there.  Some sites even have teacher resource pages set up as a platform for sharing with fellow educators.  My website’s teacher resource page can be found at

Discovery Educator Network is a generous professional learning network, and I visit the DEN often to check out the blogs and webinars.  But today I was BLOWN AWAY by one of my other favorite PLN resources, Edmodo,!

Last night, I had a colleague from my school ask for a book recommendation for a 4th grade boy.  I didn’t have any ideas but let my colleague know that I could probably get some recommendations for her through my PLNs.  I posted a simple request for book recommendations to the Language Arts group on Edmodo and within a few hours received 23 replies!  On Edmodo there are various groups one can follow; Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Creative Arts, Computer Using Educators, Kahn Academy, Special Education, Health and PE, and of course Discovery Education among others!

It is amazing to think that educators I have never met face to face took the time to share their expertise and recommendations with me.   I copied the discussion thread and sent it along to my colleague with this additional note, I told you that I put out a simple request for the book recommendation and the Language Arts Edmodo group came through with 23 replies!!! The question actually sparked some interesting conversations.   These recommendations and conversations come from teachers from all over the USA and the world.  We really don’t need to feel isolated in our little corner of the world anymore!”

Professional generosity coupled with the Internet make a powerful combination!  Thank you everyone for your willingness to share your best with the global teaching community!  We are our own best resources!


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  1. Betsy Whalen said:

    Deborah: Thanks so much for the kind words about Edmodo. Although I’m not in the classroom, I find myself posting questions to the communities all the time and I’m consistently amazed by not only the number of responses, but how much time educators spend writing thoughtful and complete answers. And they come from all over the world. (And it goes without saying that a lot of the responses come from DEN members!)

    Edmodo has grown over the years 100% through educators sharing their experiences with the service – I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your support:)

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