Transfer your DE username to your NEW School!


Changing Schools? Transfer your DE username to your NEW School!

Q: I’m transferring to a new school. Do I need to create a new Discovery Education username?

A: No, you can simply transfer your username from your PREVIOUS SCHOOL to your NEW SCHOOL.


Q: Benefits of transferring your username instead of creating a new one?

A: You can keep all saved material in “My Content.”

Transferring also avoids having duplicate usernames in the DE system which minimizes confusion.


Q: How can I transfer my account?

A: It’s easy! Just follow the simple steps below.


1. Go to
2. Click “Passcode/New User” tab on the left side of page.









3. Enter your NEW school’s Teacher Passcode: ex.ABCD-1234 and click “Login”









4. Fill in username and password in the “Existing User” section ONLY and click “Login”


Congrats! You are done!

Happy Transferring!

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