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Here is the next installment of  the Games and STEM series. These games and interactives highlight STEM concepts while engaging students in the learning process. I have organized them in categories by science content. These games are exciting and wonderful ways to supplement the science curriculum, provide another avenue for concept exploration for your students, and are also great remediation tools for students who need a little more practice or a refresher on these concepts.



Play CellCraft to learn about cells and their organelles. This game allows you to try to make energy and stay alive as a cell. It has an encyclopedia that students can refer to for more information about organelles and their function. I am creating a review on organelles using images and concepts from CellCraft to assess my students understanding of cell organelles and their processes. I will upload it to this blog post when it is complete.

Use BioLogica to view 3D cells and explore the relationship between genotype and phenotype by creating dragons with special features and characteristics! Students can also explore Mendel’s Peas with a similar interactive via this website.

If you have access to Discovery Middle School Science, the interactive labs Genes Make the Rabbit and Breeding Pea Plants are wonderful for bringing the concept of genetics to life for students.

Biogeochemical Processes

These interactives make learning about geochemical processes fun and easy.

View interactives for all of the biogeochemical processes:

EPA Kids Climate Change Animations
Interactive quizzes and animations for the carbon-oxygen cycle, and the water cycle.

Phosphorous Cycle

Carbon Cycle Game
Travel around the ecosystem as a carbon atom!

Carbon Cycle Interactive

Carbon Cycle Interactive

The Nitrogen Cycle

Travel through the nitrogen cycle while playing this game from Windows 2 Universe!

This game is a great activity to engage the visual and kinesthetic intelligence, as students navigate stations around the classroom as nitrogen traveling through various parts of the nitrogen cycle. The game comes with posters for stations, and passports and stamps for students to use as they navigate the stations.

Interactive Quizzes and Sims for the Nitrogen Process

The Water Cycle

Interactive Water Cycle Quiz

Discovery Education Water Cycle Interactive

Element on the Move

Thirstin’s Water Cycle Journey

The Droplet and the Water Cycle

Water Cycle Interactive and Quiz

Interactive Water Cycle and Quiz

The Water Sense Game

Test your water sense and learn about the importance of conserving this precious resource by playing the Water Sense game.

Populations, Ecosystems, and Ecology

Explore factors that affect populations in ecosytems and the flow of nutrients in the environment with The Habitable Planet!

View an interactive 4-H Virtual Farm


Physical Science and Chemistry

Who says all fun and games have to be digital! Assemble and play fun board and card games, and learn about atoms, elements, and the building blocks of life at the same time. has many games for young children. Scroll down to visit the science and math sections for games on the food chain and more.

The Nobel Prize Winners

Learn about Nobel Prize winners and play games based on the Nobel Prize winning science!



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  2. Chad Dorsey said:

    Thanks for the shout- out for the Concord Consortium’s BioLogica software. You may be interested to note that there is a much more modern version of this we are developing called Geniverse that will be much more sophisticated and game like. A demo version of this can be accessed and played at

    Chad Dorsey
    The Concord Consortium

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