Oldie but Goodie

An updated post from the past:

The Holidays!

As the winter break draws nearer, have you found that the students are less attentive than usual?   Discovery Streaming has items to help!

First, some holiday title suggestions from the catalog: 

What’s New?

Oldies but goodies:

  • The Magic School Bus: Holiday Special — grades 2 – 4
  • Christmas Tales from Foreign Lands (various titles in series) – grades 3 – 6
  • Words of Faith: a Caribbean Christmas – grades 7 and up
  • Holiday Facts and Fun: Hanukkah – grades k – 5
  • Jewish Customs: Hanukkah – grades 5 and up
  • Holiday Facts and Fun: Kwanzaa – grades k – 5
  • The Principles of Kwanzaa – grades 6 and up
  • The Number Crew (Spanish Version): Christmas Party – grades k – 2

  Second, some other ideas:

  • Learn some Spanish Christmas songs (Let’s Learn Spanish Songs: Christmas Carols – audio clips)
  • What is the winter solstice?  Several video segments can help students learn this science concept.
  • Check the Calendar in the Teacher Center for items relating to not only the holidays but such things as Bill of Rights Day, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, and National Drugged and Drunken Driving Month
  • Learn about Christmas and other winter holiday via information in print and online from your friendly local school library; then look up the countries in the World Atlas, also found in the Discovery Teacher Center.

Got other ideas for using Discovery for the holidays?  Post them here for all to peruse and use!


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