A Timely Tip from DE Support

Do you know what time it is? Tip time! If you’re using a PC, you’ve mostly likely noticed the clock in the bottom right corner of the screen. Chances are it’s set correctly. How about the date? You can check this by hovering over the time with your mouse pointer.

Wondering by now what this has to do with Discovery Education? I’ll tell you!

When you log into our website, your “logged in” status is saved for that day, so that if you close out of the page and return later, you don’t have to log in again. If your date is set incorrectly and you try to log in, the site automatically assumes your login session is expired, because your computer is reporting a different date. This means that every time you log in, you’re instantly logged out again, and unable to access your account. This can especially be an issue in computer labs, or any time you’re using an unfamiliar PC.

Preventing the problem is easy. If your time and/or date is incorrect, simply double-click on the clock, and update it manually.

PC Clock

Once you’ve updated your time and date, simply click OK. Then close out of your web browser, and reopen it again. You should then be able to log back in to DE as normal!


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