Let’s Run Away….

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine…a warm moist breeze, the sound of gurgling natural springs, the songs of tropical birds and every possible shade of green in the  lush landscape.  Does such a haven actually exist?!?  It does.

Rancho Margot rests on 400 acres in the Costa Rica rainforest.  Though the scenery and sounds are breathtaking, they are not what make this location truly special. It’s the sustainable cause.

Rancho Margot is owned by the Sostheim family who upon visiting Costa Rica fell in love with Lake Arenal and its surrounding area. As luck would have it, they were able to purchase approximately 400 acres on the shores of the lake with beautiful volcano views, primary rainforest, eleven natural springs and the largest river feeding Lake Arenal flowing through the property.

Having traveled all over the world and witnessed the devastation that had occurred in other “paradises”, the family decided to develop Rancho Margot as a teaching community based on sustainable rural tourism and conservation. 

You can read in books about reforestation, protection of animals, low carbon impact, sustainability and green initiatives. At Rancho Margot we paint on a ever changing canvas, it’s our blackboard.

The Siemen’s STEM Academy is pleased to present a classroom webinar for you and your students to learn more about sustainability and the simple steps each of us can do to improve our environment.

How to Incorporate Sustainability into Your Schools and Communities
Presented by Juan Sostheim, Founder of Rancho Margot, Costa Rica
Tuesday, December 6, 2011, 1:00pm ET
Incorporating environmental sustainability practices into our everyday lives is a vital part of preserving our planet’s natural beauty and resources. This concept lies at the heart of the identity and mission of Rancho Margot, a self-sustained farm located in the heart of Costa Rica, a country leading these efforts. Bring your students to a webinar hosted by Juan Sostheim, founder and owner of Rancho Margot, to learn about how the ranch helps protect our environment (the entire ranch only produces 2 garbage bags a week!) and learn ways you and your students can incorporate environmental sustainability practices into your everyday lives to make your homes, schools and communities greener. Students will also learn more about the Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge, a national sustainability competition that empowers students in grades K-12 to develop and share environmental solutions that can help change the world. Register today!


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