It’s a Balancing Act

For many of you it’s been 3 months since you have returned to school. The leaves have changed, the temperatures have dropped, precipitation in different forms has started to fall, students have completed several chapters of study, and countless papers have been reviewed and graded.  How are your energy levels?

I took a nice hike with my family and friends this weekend, which reminded me of the great resource called Energy Balance 101, where teachers, students, and their families can learn about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Often times students view staying healthy as either eating smart or exercising, but the reality is they must have a balance between the two.  Energy Balance has a great interactive for students, called Scales of Energy, to test out their knowledge by comparing different foods and forms of exercise to demonstrate this balancing act. What I love about this activity is that it begins to show students that there are other forms of exercise than just running.  In fact, students can burn calories playing the piano, dancing, playing catch, or simply shooting baskets.  There are so many great research articles that reveal the power of staying active for students while learning. What creative ways are you finding to keep your students’ activity levels up?

The weather may be cooler, but a picnic is still possible!  Have students bring blankets and their lunches into the classroom once a month for an indoor picnic.  During this time, create your own “Scales of Energy” activity where students determine their Energy In-vs-Energy Out balance. Be sure to check out the Energy Balance curriculum for additional learning opportunities.

Have some ideas on how you can revolutionize Energy Balance at your school?!? Be sure to enter the following contests for opportunities to win grants, equipment, and even a playground makeover.

  • Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes: Teachers. Parents. Educators. Anyone can enter to win the Healthy Playground Makeover Sweepstakes on behalf of their school! Thousands in funds and prizes.
  • Find Your Balance Challenge: Get involved with the Find Your Balance Challenge. Help your students create a healthy school and home action plan to win a $30K grant!
  • HealthierUS Schools Challenge: The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation and Discovery Education are proud to support the USDA´s HealthierUS School Challenge by providing powerful rewards and incentives to schools striving to reach higher levels of certification.

** Energy Balance 101 is brought to you through the partnership of the Healthy Weight Commitment, Together Counts, and Discovery Education.  With standards-based lessons for grades K-5, family resources, interactive widgets, and three ways to win funds for your school, Energy Balance 101 is a one-stop resource for teachers, educators and families to help give kids the support they need to lead an active, healthy lifestyle.


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