Make Your Own Stylus

I have been thrilled to obtain so many Apps that reinforce learning through student productivity as opposed to games. But productivity Apps and Publishing Apps tend to work much better when you have a stylus.

Budgets are tight, and the stylus price is modest if you are buying one for yourself, but when needing a classroom set – the price goes up substantially. At the same time, you can see that we all need a bit of STEM in our lives, so give this a try!

Do you have an old retractable pen that does not work anymore?

by using a pen barrel, a small piece of clean sponge or silicone caulk and a metallic spring from inside the pen, you can create your own stylus!

I used the recently Shared Apps called “Pic Collage” by Carolyn Stanley and “ShowMe” to create this visual tutorial for you! Thanks to the DEN, we are all using our little victories to grow in 21st C Education!

Here is how we made ours!

A special thanks to Austin Martin for sharing with me this STEMazing idea!

You can see what Austin Martin created for his STEM Project incorporating Music Theory, here.

Silicone is a great conductive material. We all prolably have some silicone caulk down on our work bench to make a nice bead on the end of a pen… just another idea  – I plan to experiment tonight, since my most favorite metal pen just burned out of ink.

So What kind of cool breed of stylus can you make?!


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  3. Herkama said:

    In the beginning, we all tried making our own stylus. After that, we got suckered into all of the rubber tipped ones, and now, all of the pointed tip ones, not one of which comes close to the STYLUS-R-US stylus. You check out their on site reviews and youtubes and you’ll see which is the best.

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