Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful…..

Well, maybe not frightful, but rain is falling outside my window and according to the news report it is likely to turn to snow flurries by morning.  How do we turn news reports into learning opportunities?  Siemens Science Day: Learning By Doing makes it easy with this month’s activity theme “Weather You Like It Or Not”

I could say with certainty that we’ve done a good job teaching our students about the different forms of precipitation.  However, do your students know about how the density and temperature of air masses impact weather conditions?  Do they understand what those squiggly lines and arrows mean on weather reports?  Chances are at one point tonight, they will watch the news, so why not make it an assignment?

After students have had time to review local, national, and world wide weather reports, engage them with the hands-on “How’s the Weather” activities, handouts, and videos complete with background information and lesson plans found on the Siemens Science Day site.  Take it up a notch and have students create tomorrow’s weather reports by creating their own maps and charts for various locations across the globe. Provide purpose to the assignment by having them create public service announcements about safety in different types of weather events.

As you explore the site, be sure you enter to win the “Ultimate Cool School” sweepstakes for an opportunity to win an interactive science assembly for your school site.

**Siemens Science Day is brought to you in partnership with the Siemens Foundation and Discovery Education. Siemens Science Day: Learning by Doing is a resource center for K-6 science teachers, with over 60 hands-on activities, aligned to national standards, and corresponding videos.


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