VSTE 2011: Educators Battle with Synonyms

This past weekend I had the opportunity to witness an amazing group of educators come together to network with, learn from, and share with each other. Where was I and what was I doing, you ask? Well VSTE of course! That’s right, in the heart of Roanoke, VA attending the Virginia Society for Technology in Education conference.

I had the privilege to give a couple of presentations about Discovery Education STREAMING. Since I like my sessions to be as interactive as possible, I had a couple of educators come on up to battle it out in the “Whaddya Know Quiz Show,” a game series available in DE STREAMING Plus. Would you believe it was the closest game I have ever witnessed?! It was decided by exactly 1 (ONE) point! Check out the images to prove it.

Afterwards, several teachers told me they were going to get started using the games, sound effects, images, songs, and other media and incorporate them with our powerful Builder Tools like the Assignment Builder and Writing Prompt. If you are already doing this, good for you! If you know someone who isn’t, direct them to the DEN where they can quickly learn just how easy it is to differentiate instruction for their students and have fun doing so!


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