Mimio New England Virtual Users Group


I have been very fortunate to work with various Mimio products in the Stafford Public School District as an Instructional Technology Specialist. The teachers I work with are sharing resources and ideas and students have this Mimio experience in every classroom from grades Pre-K through grade 12.  I have also had the opportunity to teach a Mimio Master’s beginners online course.

 In addition, I have been able share our story in Stafford at various conferences throughout the nation.

I would now like to try a new concept for districts in the northeast that have Mimio products in their classroom. I am interested in beginning a Mimio Virtual User’s Group. This group would meet once a month online in a virtual classroom using Blackboard Collaborate.  User group sessions will most likely take place in the afternoon and evenings and all sessions will be recorded for those than cannot attend. We would share resources, ideas, lessons centered around certain themes or ideas.  Themes could include how to use Mimio products with DE resources, Web 2.0 with an interactive whiteboard, using Mimio votes, etc. I would like to begin this user group in January and am looking for schools that are interested in participating. In addition, I am also looking for educators that would be willing to participate as a presenter.

Please respond to this post if you are interested in this opportunity and I look forward to hearing your ideas as well.



  1. Conni Mulligan said:

    I am in the South East and a Mimio ITF as well. I would very much like to work with you on this topic and attend your webinars.

  2. Theresa Ekstrom said:

    Our school received a district based grant and purchased 3 complete Mimio systems. We had a short introductory workshop and are trying our best to get everything up and running. The equipment arrived late, and the cart to lock and store the items just arrived last week. We hope to have our projection boards 2 of the 3 arrived Friday, mounted and ready for use over the holiday break. I would definitely look forward to any conversation on integrating the technology into our math classes. Thanks

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