I am SO Glad I Found You!

Hey There! Allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Peg Hartwig and I am the new WI LC DEN Blog chair, taking on Chad Lehman’s role.  I wanted to introduce myself as I am relatively new in the DEN circle and happened upon the DEN in a most curious way.

In 2010, I was selected as one of 50 educators from across the nation to participate in the Siemen’s STEM Institute. After experiencing the power of Siemens and Discovery Education Professional Development, I pursued taking advantage of all things DEN and STEM.  My career was transformed to consider 21st Century learning a priority, pursuing continued professional development through my expanded PLN, including my Siemens STEM Fellows and the DEN PD staff.  Because of their continued sharing and support, I was empowered to advance my students’ 21st C. learning skills exponentially!

Without DEN, I would not have continued to succeed; the STEM institute would have remained a powerful experience, followed by too many district roadblocks to hurdle alone.

The power of DEN is the support we gain from each other, sharing and learning beyond our schools, challenging ourselves to grow through  21st C professional development opportunities.  I was amazed at the willingness of DEN peers to accept me as a member of the LC.  I was given the opportunity to further network with DEN members  at DENSI in San Diego, where new friends shared with me all kinds of new, effective teaching techniques. In 2011,  I was invited to help facilitate the Siemens STEM Institute, and continued to grow while sharing what STEM ideas I had effectively integrated into my classroom.  My experiences with the DEN PD have been powerful and I have retained the momentum they gave me because of so many other DEN PLN members.

So here I am in Marshfield, WI.  I may be far from other schools who have the DEN advantage, but because of 21st C networking, I feel you all are right next door.  I hope that through the WI LC blog, we all can continue to know each other and help each other a little more. We have DEN STARS who are all around the state, let alone the nation and our extending global family. Let’s stay connected and continue to keep the feeling of small town support as we grow in numbers.

Please email me any time you would like to share a new experience, interest, or DEN activity.  I am happy to post on behalf of  all our WI DEN Members.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!


Peg Hartwig

NBCT Mathematics

STEM Math Educator & Tech coach

Marshfield High School



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