Kari Huttner: iPad iNtegration iNgenuity!

Kari Huttner just taught me a valuable lesson!  

Never under estimate the power of an iPad App!

Two weeks ago, Kari had mentioned a new App she was using in class: FaceJack. At the time, she hadn’t gone into detail, but having learned much from Kari, I surfed out to the iPad App Store and added Face Jack. My kids and I had a lot of fun with the cute app, but I failed to see how this app would integrate into the classroom… Then Kari Posted this amazing demonstration of student learning through Discovery Education Images and Face Jack.

Visit Kari’s Blog to learn about Face Jack and expand your own iPad iNtegration iNgenuity!  Thanks Kari! Your Students are learning so much more than English because of your 21st Century education techniques!


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