DE streaming: More Than Just Video

When most folks think of DE streaming, naturally they think of our expansive library of video titles. Not everyone knows that we have some excellent non-video resources as well. Today, we’ll show you an easy way to highlight and browse for these resources.

If you read last Monday’s blog post, you’re already familiar with how to use Advanced Search, and how to do a “blank search”. Guess what? Blank searches work on the main page as well, and are a perfect way to locate our other resources. Simply click in the Search box. This will cause another box to show, with 2 drop down menus. Click the Media drop down, and choose “Audio”, then click the Search button. They will bring up our library of audiobooks and recorded speeches. You can repeat these steps for any media type. Clip Art, Songs, Sound Effects, anything you like!

If you decide you want to focus on a particular subject, then feel free to add a keyword. For example, you could choose Audio from the Media drop down, then type the keyword “Kennedy” into the search. Voila! All of DE’s Kennedy speeches and debates, right there in front of you!

Searching by Media is a great way to utilize Discovery Education content you may not have known you had access to!


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