Peer Solutions – Arizona DEN Collaborates, January 30, 2012

Maybe you missed Emily’s comment on the last post, but it was all about your LC’s latest venture to share the classroom expertise in Arizona. Using our AzTEA connection, we’ll be able to connect to you on January 30th. Read all about it – download the handout and pass it around!

In other news, Alison Oswald-Keene was elected to take over Emily Mann’s post as LC Chair. Emily has donated years of time to the DEN for which we are very thankful. We’re hoping her new classroom schedule allows her to continue as an active member. Alison serves us from Deer Valley and should be a familiar face to those who have been attending DEN events. She’s also been active for years, especially in the coordination of DEN Virtual events. Thanks for stepping up to the Chair position, Alison!

Peer Solutions – January 30, 2012, 6pm

What do you do when you have developed the perfect lesson incorporating technology in an engaging, authentic, and creative way…and then it doesn’t work out? Come join Arizona Discovery Educator Network Leadership Council and AzTEA members for a conversation about challenges, successes, management, and backup plans for this free webinar.

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