The Joy of Sharing

The internet and professional learning networks have opened up so many wonderful avenues for sharing and teachers learning from each other. I am constantly amazed at how willingly teachers share ideas and lesson plans with each other as well as offer help and support to solve problems. Some of my favorite sites to go to to gather ideas are listed below.

The English Companion Ning (ECNing) was initiated by one English teacher and has grown greatly over the years. There are many groups that you can join within the Ning depending on your teaching responsibilities. For example, there are groups for teaching Reading, integrating Technology into your teachers, as well as teaching specific novels. has established learning communities within their domain. Lesson plans and ideas are generously shared here.

Read, Write, Think has been around for a long time. It is co-sponsored by the International Reading Association and the National Council of Teachers of English. You can almost always be assured of high quality lesson plans that are shared on this site.

A ning that I have joined recently is Curriculum 21 developed by Heidi Haynes Jacobs of Curriculum Mapping fame. If you are interested in curriculum development and the common core there are groups here for you to join.

My newest favorite site for sharing is the Teaching Channel (about which I have written before). This site shows video of teachers in their classrooms. What a great way to share … by opening up your classroom for the world to see. I always gain some new ideas and insights here.

What are your favorite sites for sharing ideas and lesson plans.



  1. Betsy said:

    Read, Write, Think is part of, a site with something for almost every subject. Definitely worth checking out!

  2. Carolyn Stanley said:

    Thanks so much for the heads-up about Curriculum 21. Heidi Hayes Jacobs did some professional development in my district, and she is held in high regard by a number of our teachers. I’ll be sure to pass on the link to the ning and hope that some of our faculty join it; I intend to.

  3. Julia at Teaching Channel said:

    Thanks for adding Teaching Channel as one of your favorite sites for sharing!

    We’ve added some new tools and resources on our website – a new blog featuring the 2010 National Teacher of the Year Sarah Wessling as our writer, and a webpage where you can learn 5 Great Ways to use the Teaching Channel website.

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