Misssouri DEN visits the Nelson Art Museum

Our December adventure lead us to the impressive Nelson Art Museum, after a very enjoyable breakfast and training session at Panera Bread. We visited the Ford Education Center and discovered the wonderful resources that are available for teachers, The museum has many hands on materials that can be checked out for classroom use. The materials are organized by the collections found at the Nelson. The Nelson is well known for their Asian exhibit and they have many resources dealing with the Asian culture. They also have a Native American, African and Egyptian collections  as well as a very extensive Renaissance collection. Along with hands on materials, the museum has many resources on line. They also have many classrooms and lecture spaces available. We learned a great deal and some teachers were able to check out material and take it back to their schools. We also found out that there are four school districts that are eligible to bring classes to the museum for free and that bus transportation is also included. Check out the website http://nelson-atkins.org/ . Please make sure to check out this wonderful resource.



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