New Assessments Likely In Less Frequently Tested Subjects

Seven of the 11 states seeking waivers from the core provisions of NCLB included additional testing as part of their waiver application. Many of these new tests would be in the subjects of science, social studies, the arts, and other subjects not currently required by NCLB. Here is to hoping that they win their waiver requests (if other caveats of their applications are up to snuff) and develop these assessments from the ground up to be accessible, innovative, and interactive, with some performance-based components. While most of these states are bound to one of the new common assessments for reading and math, they have a unique opportunity to push the envelope in these other subject areas. In turn, producing high quality assessment in these subject areas should elevate their value in schools and districts that have seen a drastic narrowing of the curriculum during the past decade. Education Week subscribers can access the full article at The rest of us have access to Erik Robelen’s blog at


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  1. Brian, sat act test prep guy said:

    This will be really interesting to see how they do this. I think, ironically, that by having concrete assessments that are state-mandated, subjects like music, gym and art will actually work to preserve their relevance, and not be subject to budget cuts.

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