Epic iPad Digital Storytelling: Explain Everything!

I have been on a pretty serious quest, analyzing a number of productivity, photo shop and publishing apps.  In past Posts, I have featured Screen Chomp, Show Me and pic Collage.  Honestly, I really try to stay as close to Free Apps as possible, but every so often I find one that is not free, but highly recommended by other people in my PLN. I have found all these apps useful in many ways for both struggling students who need remediation as well as student Digital Story Telling for  STEM Application Project development.

Recently, I have found even more photo shop type apps like Skitch, Annotate,  ipad iMovie and Tools for Students which added to the diversity of mashing apps in addition to  the fine apps I had already been using…….I could really get carried away here  but I am going to stay focused on the Big App-Catch of the Week!

I was looking for something Bigger – publishing mini presentations on Show Me was fine: we could link these mini productions within our Prezis or share our “mini publishing links” out to emails… But I really wanted more power – more options – more room to publish like a slide show – then I found it!!

Explain Everything is a $3 app – but worth every dime! This App carries a lot of power, allowing a creation of multiple slides, each with their own preset design of your choosing, whether you are importing  power points or pictures, this set of slides are ready for you to annotate while creating an audio file for each individual slide yet export the slide set as a full movie!

Here is my sneak peak at the Explain Everything App

I am so impressed with how this app will allow imports from dropbox, evernote, picture roll or camera, allowing a multitude of editing after the creation of the basic slides, (the only 2 weak spots I experienced were: the crop tool upon importing pictures is sloppy, so I recommend cropping before importing, and here is a news flash: SAVE Your Project – often).

After students have practiced their annotations and  comments, they are ready to record. Each slide can be recorded individually, allowing for multiple recordings per slide that will seamlessly transition as if it were all one recording. The publisher can use annotation tools & picture options,  as well as the Laser pointer options, drawing attention to specific items on the slide, (while entertaining all the cats that may be watching). Even multiple audio clips can be linked within a slide and make a seamless recording!

It Gets Better:

After Recording thses annotations sync’d with your audio, the project can be exported and published in many forms to many places:  The PDF,  project or EEMovie can be sent to evernote, dropbox, youtube or emailed to any email for download, ( Quicktime / mp4)

This app allows educators to offer significant differentiated learning in multiple ways.  Gifted students can be challenged with publishing their own application or analysis projects, importing  any powerpoints,  pictures  or documents in addition to other resources from Discovery Education Streaming.  Students can alter each slide prior to recording.  Further, they can  add their own personal touch through their explanations and annotations during the recording.

Teachers can create these presentations for their struggling students who need reteaching or remediation.  My students will use this app for both STEM application publishing as well as review or reteaching for students who need remediation.

Here is an example of a student’s work, – she was able to create this Explain Everything movie instead of making 3 show me videos and interlinking them on her prezi – which would have been good – but a bit clumsy – THIS EE Movie  is smooth as silk and she did it in 15 minutes! The Black was pre-written on paper and imported as a pic from the camera roll. Annotations  were added as she practiced her presentation, since she thought it would go smoother if she had more pre-written. You can see her active annotations during the presentation in orange.

So now you  and your students can Explain Everything!


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  1. Dean Mantz said:

    I too have been using Explain Everything. It simply is the best option for a tutorial creation app on the iPad. The long list of features along with functionality far exceed those of several other apps including Educreations, Screen Chomp, and Show Me. Now that Skitch functions on the iPad as well educators and students can truly use the iPad as a creation device ending those comments of it being just a consumption device.

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  3. Max said:

    Peg, you did an amazing job reviewing this! You should become one of those beta testers and start getting things for free! You definitely convinced me to go spend my $3 and you are RIGHT! It IS worth every penny. This app works great with Discovery Education content and has so many applications for classroom use.

    Thanks again 🙂

  4. Reshan Richards said:

    Thanks so much for your thoughtful review of Explain Everything! We have added the ‘rectangular crop’ to our list of things to add to future updates (we’ll change the current manual cropping to ‘Free Select’).

    Reshan Richards
    Co-Creator of Explain Everything

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