Update on Splashtop app for iPad

In a previous post I raved about the Splashtop app I’d purchased for my iPad. However, I was only able to connect to a computer that was on the same wireless network. After going to the help site, and following the directions for “internet discovery,” it’s working! I made sure that I had my gmail address enabled in the Splashtop Streamer on both my school and my home computer and on my iPad. I am at school, and I was able to successfully to connect to my laptop at home! I love the fact that I can now grab a picture from my home laptop using the screen-capture feature of the iPad and have that picture available (at a lower but very adequate resolution) in my Camera Roll on the iPad.

The only thing I regret is not having investigated further before I purchased Splashtop for my iPad. I found out that if I had purchased Splashtop Whiteboard for $19.99, it included Splashtop Remote and would also have let me project wirelessly to the SmartBoard in my lab. Oh well, I am really pleased, otherwise.

One caveat: I just tried to connect to my home laptop again, and it could not be reached. I am not sure why, but I know it’s possible, so back to troubleshooting.



  1. Carolyn Rains said:

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve been experimenting with it, also.

  2. Carolyn Stanley said:

    It was my wireless network connection that was causing the difficulty. Evidentally, I had been successful because I’d logged on early before most teachers and students had logged into the network. The connection is spotty in my area of the building. Finally, this afternoon, I was able to get up to our media center where the connection is more stable, and I was able to access my home computer effortlessly. So – the application works when the infrastructure is adequate. Enough said.

  3. Joe Fromme said:

    I installed this on my iPad last week and showed it to a group of K-5 teachers I was doing a workshop for. They were beyond excited! This seems to provide the whiteboard experience and portability and mobility that they are looking for. Thanks for sharing this!

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