First Ever Digital Learning Day – February 1, 2012

Digital Learning Day will be celebrated on February 1, 2012 as a culminating event with the past year serving as a national awareness campaign to improve teaching and learning for all children. Digital Learning is defined as,

“…any instructional practice that is effectively using technology to strengthen the student learning experience. Digital learning encompasses a wide spectrum of tools and practice, including using online and formative assessment, increasing focus and quality of teaching resources and time, online content and courses, applications of technology in the classroom and school building, adaptive software for students with special needs, learning platforms, participating in professional communities of practice, providing access to high level and challenging content and instruction, and many other advancements technology provides to teaching and learning. In particular, blended learning is any time a student learns, …through online delivery with some element of student control over time, place, path, and/or pace.”

On Digital Learning Day, teachers, librarians, school/district leaders, administrators, community programs, and parents are encouraged to participate in this effort and do any of the following:

  • Starting a conversation – at a PTA/PTO meeting, in your school, department, library, or community-based organization about your goals for your students and how digital learning can help meet their needs. Watch our National Town Hall meeting on 2.1.12 and participate virtually. Watch our daylong webcast and pass it on to others who care about student learning! Not sure where to start? Check out our Getting Started section (coming soon) and soon you’ll be on your way!
  • Trying one new thing – sample an online lesson, use mobile devices in class, start a wiki, use digital storytelling, start a project-based learning unit, but above all, challenge your teaching, learning, and pedagogy and see what digital technology can do for you and the students you serve! Check out our resources and toolkits and go digital!
  • Showcase success – submit a video of how you are innovating to give the students you work with the best learning experience possible! Better yet, have your students take the lead and show us how digital learning works for them!

Already 28 states have signed up with registrants indicating they will be participating in events commemorating the day. The Alliance for Excellent Education that organized the year long national campaign and its partners are reaching out to all educational stakeholders asking for support of the first ever Digital Learning Day.

“Digital Learning Day is more than just a day,” said Bob Wise, president of the Alliance for Excellent Education, cochair of Digital Learning Now!, and former governor of West Virginia. “It is about building a digital learning movement that provides teachers with better tools to truly provide a quality education for every child.

“The use of technology has made nearly everything in modern life more efficient, accessible, richer, and faster. It is hard to imagine modern life without the rapid innovations that have boosted productivity, created jobs, and changed daily life, yet education remains largely untouched by the power of technology in the classroom and particularly in teaching and learning.

“Simply layering on technology alone will not move the education needle very much. Effective technology combined with great teachers and engaged students have the potential to transform the world of learning. The time has come to ensure that every child has access to the engaging experience that comes with powerful teaching and rigorous content available through digital learning. The teachers are here, the technology is everywhere, and the students are ready and able. Now it’s time to put it all together.

The goal is to improve educational technology and curriculum that includes technology pieces. Wise concludes by saying,

“Digital learning erases the line between high tech or high teach. To prepare all students for the global economy, the nation must have both—high tech and high teach. Digital learning gives teachers more opportunities to personalize education, utilize data and content more efficiently, and be more innovative in their teaching to ensure all students meet today’s challenging standards.”


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